Richard has been a licensed real estate agent in Hawaii since 1972 and a licensed broker since 1974, owning and operating a full service real estate company.


He has specialized primarily in commercial properties, having been involved in just about every type of real estate negotiation--major hotels, large restaurants, national retailers, and hundreds of other transactions.


He has taught real estate law, ethics, and numerous continuing education courses, as well as being the former president of the Hawaii Association of Real Estate Schools, teaching both pre-license courses for both salesmen and brokers.


He is the author of a number of books, including How to Make Millions Selling Real Estate, first and second editions, published in 2008, and Real Estate Workbook, Colors of Bamboo, Hawaii Seaglass, Vietnam, A Correspondent’s Journal,Target Vietnam.


In his spare time, he is an avid mountain hiker and photographer, enjoying climbing the myriad of trails to the summit of the Ko'olau Mountain Range.





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